The fedora hat brim is an essential part of the hat. It can determine whether your fedora will look good on you or not. There are many different types of fedora hat brims, so finding one that looks good on you may take time. This article will cover some tips on choosing the right brim style for your face shape and a list of classes that should be avoided at all costs (even if they're trendy).

Fedora Hat Brim Styles


  • Curb

The curb is the most common fedora hat brim style, and a curved-upward brim characterizes it. This type of fedora will look good on people with round faces who want to emphasize their cheekbones.

Fedora Hat Brim Styles

Tight Rolled Brim

Tight rolled-brim fedoras are the best option if you have a round face. This brim style will accentuate your features and make them appear more defined. Men with thin hair or a receding hairline can also wear a tight rolled hat as it helps to cover any bald spots that might be visible on top of their heads.

Fedora Hat Brim Styles

Wide Rolled Brim

If you have a broad face and want to hide your forehead, the wide-rolled brim is the way to go. The hat will cover most of your forehead and make it look smaller. This style is also great for people who want to cover their ears and protect themselves from the sun.

If you're trying to show off those beautiful eyes, this brim will do something other than that job for you! The wide rolled brim hides most of your face, so there isn't much room left for showing off any features other than maybe some cheekbones or lips if they're peeking out from under there somewhere.

Fedora Hat Brim Styles


If you're looking for a fedora hat brim style that's popular and flattering, center-grown is your best bet. Anyone can wear this style since it works well with all face shapes. It also looks good on everyone who wears it, regardless of age or gender!

If you want to wear a fedora hat but need help knowing where to start, center-grown is an excellent choice because it's easy to find in stores and online.

Many fedora hat brim styles are out there, so find one that looks good on you.

  • Know your face shape. A round face will look better in a wide-brimmed hat, while a square face should go for a narrow one. The best way to do this is by looking at yourself in the mirror and imagining different styles on your head until you find one that fits perfectly!
  • Know how you want to wear the hat: If it's just for casual purposes, then try something fun like an upturned brim with feathers or flowers attached; if it's a momentous occasion where everyone will be watching, then perhaps consider wearing something more conservative like a simple black felt fedora with no adornments whatsoever? You want to ensure everything is clear from how great YOU look today!


This article has helped you to understand the different types of fedora hat brim styles. You may be surprised by the many options, but take your time with that! The critical thing is finding one that looks good on your face shape and makes you feel confident about yourself. If nothing else works for you, we recommend choosing a style based on its color scheme or pattern--after all, these choices can give off an air of sophistication even if the brim itself isn't perfect for your face shape at first glance (or so we hope).

August 15, 2023 — Bryan

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