The best beanies for men should keep you warm and cozy in winter. They also work well for folks who want to make a fashion statement. And because they come in various shapes and colors, mens beanies are very practical - you can match them with your formal or casual outfits. But with so many options out there, choosing the perfect style is no easy feat. This comprehensive guide will help you in your next beanie shopping.

Beanie hats for men you can try

If you want to turn heads as you walk down the streets, look for a time-honored beanie. You can accentuate your look by choosing beanies with subtle Fair Isle design -avoid those that look overly festive. Here are some styles you can try: 

The fisherman beanie

The fisherman beanies never run out of style - for good reasons. They sit above your ears, so you can hear when someone calls you out. Originally, these hats were worn by men on fishing trawlers. But all that has changed. Since they give a more directional look, they are a favorite to most urbanites. 

Cuffed beanies 

You can't go wrong with these classic hats. They are cuffed around and come in many colors. Not to mention, they can match almost any outfit.

Slouchy beanies

These hats are popular with men who like hipster outfits. Plus, they are widely associated with the `chill' vibe.

Mens beanies to avoid

Peaked or visor beanies

You don't want to wear a beanie with an extremely wide berth.

Oversized or baggy beanies

A baggy beanie makes you look like an idiot. Sometimes back, David Beckham was spotted at the airport with a baggy beanie that left some folks wondering: what was he thinking? This is not always the best look.


Stylish ways to wear beanies for men


If you're looking for beanies to wear to work, you can't go wrong with the fisherman style. This classic headgear is timeless. For modern office workwear, the knit should be thin enough. Dark and bold-block colors like royal blue go well with jeans, an overshirt, and boots. 

If you wear your beanie with a suit, you should be careful with the colors. For instance, you can pair a navy or gray suit with an off-white beanie. To offset the formality of any suit, you can choose pop colors like orange, yellow, or green.

Those who wear suits and a tie should go for thin-fitting beanies (with or without a calf).

Casual wear

Beanies for men can be the perfect way to style your casual outfit. For a laid-back look, you can pair your beanie with jeans, hoodies, and T-shirts. You can't go wrong with a beanie that sits halfway through the ears. In terms of color, think black, charcoal, or navy. You can still go for bright colors but make sure the outfit is not fighting for attention. If you're looking for a weekend-friendly outfit, pair your hat with overshirts, parkers, and popper jackets.

For a smart-casual look, your beanies should be neutral in tone. Look for navy, gray, or black colors to play it safe. You can pair it with a woolen overcoat.

Winter wear

A woolen beanie will keep you warm and comfortable. If you have deep pockets, you can go for a hat with a cashmere blend. The colors also matter - stick to blues, neutrals, darks, and earthy autumnal tones. You can match your beanie with a seasonally-appropriate legwear, heavy-gauge knitwear, and sturdy boots.

If you have oversized outerwear, you can choose black beanies with big prints. Another no-holds-barred menswear is pairing your beanie with a hoodie (those with statement hues below the neck work well).

How to choose beanies for men

Consider your hairstyle

Your beanie should keep you warm and complement your outfit. The last thing you want is a hat that makes your head looks big. To bring out your signature look, here are a few tips to follow:

  • If you have long hair, choose uncuffed beanies
  • For curly hair, shop for a beanie that shows the hair on the sides
  • Avoid loose-fitting or chunky knitted beanies if you have short hair
  • Wear a fisherman beanie if you have a shaved head

Consider the shape of your face

If a beanie covers the whole forehead, it can make your face look elongated. Those with oval shapes can wear the cuffed beanies. A plain beanie works well for men with square faces.

Your head deserves to keep warm during the winter season. The best beanies for men should suit your style and occasion.

August 03, 2023 — Bryan

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