If you love wearing white hats, you should know how to clean white hat. The pristine beauty of white clothes and accessories attracts a lot of people to them. When you wear white hats, you would find them getting dirty after a few usages. In fact, white ones get dirtier than their colored counterparts. Even a small stain or dust looks prominent in them. So, you must ensure that you maintain the brightness of your hat so that it looks neat and clean. 

If you have already worn your white hat for a few days, and you notice it getting dull and dusty, you should not worry at all. Just a little effort will ensure that your hat looks as good as new. So, you must be aware of the tips and tricks that would allow you to clean your white hat. Continue reading as in the next few minutes you would learn how to clean and maintain your hat well.

What is the best way to clean a white hat?

1.How to clean white hatby hand-washing

The most traditional form of washing hats, and all other clothing items, is to wash using your hands. When you use your hands to wash the hat, you would be assured that it will retain its original form in the best manner possible. Hand washing is not rigorous, so it will help to prevent the texture of the hat from becoming loose. When resorting to hand washing, make sure that you use cold water and do not use any detergent with harsh chemicals, or else it will damage the fabric.

2.Cleaning white hat in a washing machine

If you do not feel like washing the hat using your bare hands, you can use the washing machine for the task. Make sure that you set the washing mode of the machine to gentle wash so that the hat texture is not affected. Also, cold water should be used along with gentle detergent. It is suggested that you use a washing net or bag and not put the hat directly in the tub. It will help keep the original form of your headwear.

3.Cleaning white hats in a dishwasher

This heading might grab your eyeballs and you might wonder, "how to clean white hat?" in a dishwasher. Although it is not a very common practice to wash something besides the dishes in the dishwasher, you can bend the rules sometimes. Dishwashers use high temperatures to clean the dishes, so you should wash your white hat in the dishwasher only if the hat is made using thick fabric. It would ensure that the hat is not affected by high temperatures and retains its original form.

4.Dry cleaning is an option too

Dry cleaning is a popular option to clean your apparel, so you should try dry cleaning your hat too. It is really helpful when your hat is made using a fabric that cannot withstand a lot of tension and the harshness of detergents. This cleaning option is the best way to clean a white hat especially when you have a hat made using soft fabric. If you are unable to dry clean on your own, you might take some help from a reliable dry cleaner around you.

5.Remove stains with shampoo

If you notice that your hat has become stained and it is looking ugly, you should try cleaning it with shampoo. However, you should avoid shampoo cleaning if your hat is made using soft fabric as it may cause damage. If the hat is made using thick fabric, you would find it convenient to get rid of stains using the regular hair shampoo that you use.

6.Vinegar & Baking Soda to the rescue

Another trick to get rid of stains on your white hat is to put the stained part in a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Make sure that you do not completely submerge the hat in the solution but just the part that is stained. Keep in mind that this trick is to be used when the stains are tough and the fabric is hard.

Now that you are aware of different tricks to how to clean white hat, you should try them to ensure that your favorite hat is clean, tidy, and bright.


May 30, 2023 — Bryan

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