Some people who avoid wearing wool hats are the ones who do not know the right ways on how to wash a wool hat. If you are one of them then you need to know that wool hats are a classic piece of clothing which has many useful qualities.

Wool is not only a fabric which keeps us warm during the winter season but it also looks beautiful and elegant and wool also repels water naturally to some extent, it is ideal for hats. There are many people who considers wool hats because it is also naturally wrinkle resistant. However, it is very important to maintain your wool hat in the best way in order to make them look new for a long time.

Hat plays a very crucial role in protecting a person's head from the sun and due to regular use, it tends to get dirty. So, it is very important for the hat user to ensure that they buy the right fabric in order for them to last longer. Wools are relatively durable, handling them with care is all you need to do. So, if you have been apprehensive in buying a wool hat then you should try buying them now. You will surely have a great experience if you buy a wool hat from the right place.

How to wash a wool hat

If you want to maintain your wool hat in the best way then the first thing that you need to do is to wash them in the right way. One of the most common questions that the buyers of wool hats have while buying them is how to wash a wool hat. Washing wool hats is fairly simple in order to keep them clean, beautiful and elegant for a long period of time, however, you just need to follow the right steps. So, here we will be discussing few steps that will help the users of wool hats to wash and maintain them in the right way in order for them to look great for a longer period of time. Below is the list of few steps on how you need to wash a wool hat in the right way:

  • Turn the wool hat inside out.
  • Hand wash in cold water.
  • Use mild detergent, preferably the detergents that are made for wool specifically.
  • You need to gently brush away the stains that are present in your wool hat with a soft bristled brush. You can use hat brush if you have or simply a tooth brush for gently cleaning your hat. You can leave the wool hat for around 10 to 15 minutes after brushing away the stain and then wash them with cold water.
  • Place the wool hat on any clean towel and pat it down. Never twist or wring your hat as it might ruin it's shape.
  • It is strongly recommended to lay your wool hat flat in order to air dry them. Do not hang them to dry as the water's weight might pulp on the fabric while it dries, thus distorting the wool hat's shape.

Caution while washing a wool hat

  • Make sure that you don't wash them in hot water. If you do so then it can shrink.
  • Make sure that you don't bleach your wool hat as it can destroy them.
  • Make sure that you don't use fabric softener on your wool hat as it might reduce its ability to regulate temperature naturally.
  • Make sure that you wash your wool hat by using your hands. Try to avoid washing them in the washing machine. Washing them with hands will ensure gentle cleaning. Moreover, you will also be able to reach and clean every part of your hat in the proper way if you are washing them with your hands. If you feel that the stains are taking long to clean then you can also soak them in mild detergent and water overnight.

Though everyone is not same, many people don't wash their wool hat every time they are wearing it, in order for them to look great for a long period of time. It all depends on how many times you are wearing them in a week. The more you are wearing them and washing them, the quicker it will wear out.

June 07, 2023 — Bryan

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