Cowboy hats are the most popular, trendy, and timeless accessory that is worn by men and women alike, and knowing how to wear a cowboy hat can help you make a style statement. The wide brim and high crown are the prominent features of this hat that are very different from the other types of hats.

The cowboy hat protects the eyes, face, and head from the glaring rays of the sun. It is made from waterproof fabric which is durable, comfortable, and long-lasting. These hats are generally made from natural and earthy color as it creates a cowboy look that is suitable for outdoor use. Whether you want to wear a cowboy hat for aesthetic or functional purposes, it is important that you wear it correctly. This will help you flaunt your fashion sense and the right cowboy hat will complement your entire look.

Things to keep in mind when wearing a cowboy hat

Wearing the cowboy hat is extremely important and make sure that you invest in a hat that fits right and it should show reflect the right attitude. When planning to add style and elegance to your Western outfit, you should wear a cowboy hat in a proper manner. But you need to learn the right way to size and shape the hat in the right way before you ride a horse. This will help you wear this beloved and iconic accessory of Western wear in the right way whether it is any formal or informal occasion.

How to wear a cowboy hat- important tips

Choose the right fit- wearing this hat means that you need to carefully choose a hat according to the natural shape of the head. Make sure that the hat fits firmly on the forehead and back of the head without being too tight. Don't wear a tight hat because it can lead to headaches and wearing a loose hat means that it will get blown off when you are riding a horse. Always choose a comfortable fit and for this, you need to have exact measurements so that it will suit your overall look.

Take professional help- if you are facing difficulty in choosing a cowboy hat, you can always take the help of professionals for this task. there are many western wear outlets and stores that offer hat-shaping services for anyone who wants to buy a cowboy hat. You will also get assistance for wearing a cowboy hat so that you don't make any mistakes during the process and you will also get information about cowboy hat rules.

Look for the right shape- if you are unable to follow the Western tradition and culture pertaining to the right way of wearing the cowboy hat, you need to follow the cowboy hat etiquette guidelines. The bow on the inside of the hat band should be placed at the back of the head and you should make sure that the bow is tied to the sweatband.

Pay attention to the season- if you want to wear a cowboy hat, you need to know the season so that you can wear the hat accordingly. While straw hats are most popular for summer and spring months, any other fancy hats are reserved for the winter months and special occasions. Keep the season in mind when deciding to wear the cowboy hat so that it will complete your entire look.


Etiquettes while wearing a cowboy hat

When you are wearing a cowboy hat outdoors, you should take off the hat when you go inside. But don't remove the hat when you are in the lobby, elevators, or building corridors as it is also considered outdoors.

Holding the cowboy hat in the right way is also important and for this, you need to grasp its crown and make sure that the lining of the hat is not visible. Even when you are setting your hat down, make sure to keep it upside down as it is the right way of ensuring that the brim is in perfect shape.

When you are wearing the hat while riding a horse, you need to use a chin strap so that the hat does not fall while horse riding. It also ensures that your hat will be in its proper place all through the ride and the risk of misplacing the hat is eliminated.

June 19, 2023 — Bryan

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