The search for the best hat for round face can be challenging, especially with numerous styles available. However, the right hat can accentuate your features and bring balance to your face. In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the best hat for round face.

Understanding Round Face Shapes

A round face is characterized by full cheeks, a wide forehead, and a rounded chin. The goal when choosing a hat is to create the illusion of length and add angles to the face. To achieve this, opt for hats that have a high crown, angular or asymmetrical designs, and wide brims.

Hats to Avoid for Round Faces

When selecting a hat, it's essential to know which styles to avoid. Steer clear of hats with round crowns, as they can accentuate the roundness of the face. Additionally, small brims or hats that sit too low on the forehead can make the face appear shorter.

Fedoras: A Timeless Classic

A fedora can be an excellent choice for individuals with round faces, as it has a high crown and a wide brim. The fedora's unique shape and structure can elongate the face, drawing attention upwards. To maximize the flattering effect, tilt the fedora slightly to one side.

Wide-Brimmed Hats: A Chic Statement

Wide-brimmed hats provide an elegant and sophisticated option for those with round faces. The large brim creates a contrast with the fullness of the cheeks, while the high crown adds height to the face. When wearing a wide-brimmed hat, make sure the brim isn't too floppy, as this can obscure your features.

Trilby Hats: A Modern Twist

A trilby hat is a contemporary alternative to the fedora. With a shorter brim and a slightly higher crown, this hat style adds angles to a round face. To enhance the effect, wear the trilby hat at a jaunty angle, drawing attention to the upper part of the face.

Panama Hats: A Summery Staple

Panama hats are a popular summer choice that can also flatter round faces. These hats feature a high crown and wide brim, similar to a fedora. The Panama hat is typically crafted from lightweight materials like straw, making it perfect for warm weather and casual events.

Beret: A Stylish Alternative

Berets offer a fashionable and versatile option for round faces. Although they don't have a high crown, the slouchy design and asymmetrical placement can create angles and elongate the face. To achieve the desired effect, wear the beret tilted to one side and slightly towards the back of the head.

Bucket Hats: Casual Cool

Bucket hats are a trendy and laid-back option that can work surprisingly well for round faces. While they don't have a high crown, the loose fit and soft structure of a bucket hat can add a casual appeal and break up the roundness of the face. The key to making this style work is choosing a bucket hat with a slightly wider brim, which can help create the illusion of length. Opt for a hat in a fun pattern or bold color to draw attention to your stylish accessory and away from the fullness of your cheeks. When wearing a bucket hat, ensure it sits comfortably on your head, neither too tight nor too loose, to maintain its effortlessly cool vibe.

Newsboy Caps: Vintage Appeal

Newsboy caps, also known as baker boy caps or Gatsby caps, have a round, full shape with a short brim. While these caps might seem counterintuitive for a round face, their vintage charm and structured design can actually work well. To make a newsboy cap flattering, wear it at an angle and ensure it's not too tight or small.

Finding the Best Hat for Round Face

When searching for the best hat for a round face, it's crucial to consider the hat's fit. A hat that's too tight or too large can detract from its flattering effect. Take the time to measure your head and consult size charts when purchasing a hat to ensure a comfortable and well-proportioned fit.

 In conclusion, choosing the best hat that compliments a round face involves understanding the facial features and selecting styles that create balance and harmony. By opting for hats with high crowns, wide brims, and angular designs, you can confidently showcase your unique sense of style and enhance your round face shape.

May 11, 2023 — Bryan
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