Cowboy hat outfits, also commonly referred to as western hats or cowgirl, are special wear designed to offer protection from different elements in cattle ranching. Cattle ranchers have won cowboy hats for a long time since its invention in 1865 by John B Stetson. Through evolution, there are different cowboy hat outfits for men and women in style, design, type, and fashion. The simple modern cowboy outfits come with belt buckles alongside the cowboy boots.

How to choose the best cowboy hat outfit

The cowboy hat is still recognized as an icon for wear in the Western style as it is valued as a significant cultural dress. However, you must know how to choose your best outfit to stand out with the matching style and fashion that matches your preference. For instance, you must consider how your head is shaped to choose your best fit. If your face is oval-shaped, you will be more advantaged as you can choose any cowboy hat type. However, if you have a rounded face, consider choosing a slanted-brim cowboy hat with a tall crown.

What is a Cowboy Hat Outfit?

Know your head size

On the other hand, if you have a square-shaped face, you must choose a cowboy hat with a short brim and a teardrop-shaped crown. You must also know your head size to purchase a cowboy hat that fits perfectly. Most cowboy hat production companies always make the sizes of their western hat available in chart form for reference. For this reason, nothing can stop you from simply measuring your head size using a tape measure to know your exact head size.

To effectively measure your head, place the tape measure above your ears while holding it firmly in the middle of the forehead. Wrap the tape measure around your head and measure to know where your size belongs. If your head size measurement falls within the range of the available western hat sizes, consider buying a smaller cowboy hat.

Choose a Quality cowboy hat outfit.

The best way to enjoy western hat wear for longer is by purchasing a quality hat made from durable materials. In addition, consider purchasing hats that are crafted with some attention and care, especially the ones that are better than cheaper options. Your main priority is choosing those that will last longer and maintain top quality.

 Cowboy hat outfit styles

There are varieties of Western hat styles which makes them suitable for different occasions of wear. Due to the numerous style, every cowboy hat outfit comes with its best-preferred occasion of wear. Here are some of the styles of Western hats and when to wear them;

Black cowboy hat outfit

The black cowboy hat outfit is most commonly worn on formal occasions. Consider wearing this outfit with other Western wear for the best matches. The most classic wear combined with the black cowboy hat outfit includes black Chelsea boots and blue jeans. Traditionally, it was also worn with button-down shirts. However, you can also wear it with a simple T-shirt, a skirt, a blouse, and shorts.

Elegant cowboy hat outfit

Consider wearing the other stylish western hat for other informal occasions. There are varieties of classy western wear styles to consider for informal occasions. Because there are different informal occasions, you can have multiple cowboy hats. With the many Western hats in your wardrobe, you will have a variety of outfits to choose from. This will, intern add more to your outlook to fit your desired style for the occasion of wear. You will, therefore, have what to wear for every occasion you want to dress the cowboy hat for.

Simple Modern cowboy outfit

The new simple cowboy outfits have more revolutionized features and qualities, such as bandanas, stitching, and beads. You only have to choose your preferred style to match your outfit for an extra look. The modern cowboy outfit is designed with a classic western style and feels that perfectly fits people looking for a modern style and minimalistic details.


When choosing your best cowboy hats, consider your outfit a manageable option. You have to be more patient and know what you need to do. By reading these articles, I hope you have learned the best tips to choose your western hat wear that will perfectly match your preferences. By wearing the right Western hat, you will have a classic look and a comfortable feel, and a Western flair to your wardrobe.

June 12, 2023 — Bryan

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