Want to know how to stretch a fitted hat? If the fitted hat that you have bought recently is too small for your head, then it can be uncomfortable. But you can always stretch it before you wear it. There are certain techniques that you can apply if your hat is too tight for your head. With those techniques, you can get a better and more comfortable fit for your hat. Whether you want to expand the size of your fitted hat or you want to give it a good amount of stretch, we have got you covered.

A fitted hat doesn't have to be tight. It must have a snug yet comfortable fit. Want to know more about how to stretch your hat? We have some of the best ways to stretch your fitted hat so that it can sit on your head easily and comfortably. Read on to know more.

How To Stretch A Fitted Hat - Different methods

Looking for some proven methods to change the fit of your hat? We have some of the best ways to make that possible. Here are the 4 best ways to get the right stretch:

    1.Use the moisture method

One of the most effective methods to stretch your fitted hat is by dampening it with warm water. To do that, you have to use a spray bottle for spraying moisture. You also use the water by running it under a faucet. You have to be very careful and make sure that you are not soaking the hat completely. Now wear that damp hat for a few hours or overnight. When you allow the hat to dry while it is still on your head, it can help to soften the material giving it a good stretch.

    2.Use a hat stretcher

Using a hat stretcher to stretch fitted hats can be one of the best and most effective ways. These stretchers are designed in such a way that you can stretch the fitted hats easily. These devices come with an adjustable component that can gradually expand the size of your hat. You can get the preferred stretch with the help of this.

    3.Use your hands

Stretching a fitted hat manually can be an effective but a time taking process. But you can use your hands to give your hats a gentle stretch. What you have to do is to place the hands inside the hat first and then start to pull it gently to the opposite directions. You can repeat the process just around the circumference of your hat. This can gradually stretch it little by little.

  1. Wear the hat

The simplest way to stretch your fitted hat is by wearing it. You must be wondering - can wearing the fitted hat stretch it? Well, it can if you wear it regularly. Over time, this hat can conform naturally to the shape of your head and become quite comfortable to wear. When you wear the hat for a long time, it can generate heat as you do the activities. This can help in stretching the circumference of your hat.

Things To Keep In Mind

Now that you know how to stretch a fitted hat, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind while trying the above mentioned steps. These are:

  • Be very cautious when you are using any of the above processes so that you don't damage the hat
  • The best way to stretch it is by natural methods like wearing it or damping it
  • Wear the hat more often for a long period of time to stretch it perfectly
  •  You must not apply too much force on the hat otherwise you can simply damage the shape


You need to know that fitted hats are designed in such a way that they will sit on your head snugly. But the fit must be comfortable on your head. If the hat is too snug or tight, it can become very uncomfortable to wear for a long time. In such cases, you have to know how to stretch a fitted hat. Try the above mentioned methods cautiously to expand the circumference of the hat. But be very careful as the stretch may not be reversible. So, you have to make sure that you are not stretching it too much.

July 14, 2023 — Bryan

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