Do you want to know how to reshape a hat? Are you looking for easy ways to change the look and feel of your hat? You will have many ways to reshape a hat and boost its usability. Also, most of them are achievable and worth trying. Keep reading and get back the freshness and new look of your hat.

You can reshape your hat using a clothes steamer. Your hot shower and tea kettle can also serve the purpose. You can use a spray bottle and tissue paper as well. We will know how to use these things to give a new shape to your hat.

How to Reshape a Hat

Use Steamer to Reshape Your Hat

Take distilled water and fill the clothes steamer with it. Now, you can plug in the steamer and use the hottest setting. Hold the steamer in one hand and the hat in another. You can start steaming from the brim and then cover inside and out within a minute or two. Now, turn your steamer off.

Use your hands to reshape the hat gently. You can repeat the steaming process if needed. You will need more effort for a misshaped hat. Have patience and follow this method until you do not get the desired result. The process is easy and works well but requires patience.

Use Hot Shower to Reshape Your Hat

Many discard their hats when shaped poorly. However, you can boost the durability once you know how to reshape a hat. You can use your shower to restore the shape and look of your hat.

You can turn on the shower and use the hottest setting. Shut the door and hang the hat where it can get the hot steam. You can hang it on the hook, shower door, or back of your shower. It will require steaming for proper reshaping.

Leave the hat and allow the steam to permeate the material. You can wait for ten to fifteen minutes. Follow the timing and then turn your shower off. Get your hat and use your hands to reshape it.

You can start from the brim and work all over the hat. Once you get the shape, take a dry towel and keep your hat on it for air drying. Otherwise, it will attract dust, and moisture can also impact the form. Avoid using the clothes dryer since the dryer will shrink the hat. As a result, it will be out of shape again.

Use a Tea Kettle to Reshape Your Hat

You can use your tea kettle to reshape your hat. Take water and fill the kettle with it. Heat the kettle until it gets hot steams. Now put the hat in such a place that it will get all the steam. The hot moisture will permeate the outside and inside of your hat.

You can stop steaming once your hat becomes soft and warm. Once it becomes soft, use your hands to reshape it. Use your fingers to reshape the brim and crown to the correct positions. You can wait if the hat has too much moisture. Allow it to air dry, and then you can continue with reshaping.

You can repeat the process a few times if your hat requires more attention. Also, the steam method works on most hats. You can work with patience for maximum reshaping benefits.

Use a Spray Bottle to Reshape Your Hat

A spray bottle can also help you reshape your hat. Fill your spray bottle with water and hold it in one hand and the cap in another. Start spraying water directing the cap but focus on the headband inside the hat. Once your hat gets wet, you can put down the bottle.

Now take a hair dryer and dry the hat partially. While drying up, use the medium setting and avoid keeping it too close to your hat. After using the hair dryer, you can wear the hat all day to get the desired shape. The method works well when done correctly.

Now you know how to reshape a hat with some simple methods. All are effective, and you can try them at home without spending on additional tools. However, follow each step and repeat the process whenever required. Also, use your hands gently for the best outcome.

June 04, 2023 — Bryan

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