Knowing how should a fitted hat fit before buying one for yourself is a must. It is one of the easiest ways to get the size right. If your fitted hat is too loose, it will not give off the look you bought it for and it will slide down, obstructing your vision. On the other hand, if your fitted hat is too tight, it will be extremely comfortable for you and your head might appear bigger than usual. So, what is the right fit of a fitted hat? Well, to know the answer in detail so that you can find the right size for you, do keep on reading!

Getting familiar with a fitted hat

The fitted hat is a type of baseball cap that is trending worldwide right now because of the look it can provide. It fits more snugly than a standard baseball cap. They do not have those adjustable snaps and straps for which standard baseball caps are known for. Hence, getting the right fit of a fitted hat is a must as there is no room for making any adjustments. This modern-day baseball cap is denoted by a size (in inches) corresponding to your head's circumference.

How should a fitted hat fit?

The fitted hat should be snuggling your head, meaning it should not be too loose or too tight. Ideally, a fitted hat should sit right above the wearer's ears. The correct placement of the hat's brim is just above the wearer's eyebrows. Get the right fit of a fitted hat by ensuring that the size of the fitted hat or baseball cap is according to your head's circumference. When selecting the size, do not forget that different brands have different sizing/measurement methods.

Tips on getting the right fit of a fitted hat

Many first-time fitted hat buyers are unaware of the importance of choosing the right size for that perfect fit and end up buying a size up or down. So, if you have already purchased one and it is not fitting you ideally (as discussed above), don't be disheartened. Some simple tricks can help you to fit your wrong-sized fitted hat better on your head.

  • For oversized fitted hats

Now that you know how should a fitted hat fit, consider investing in a good-quality hat size reducer (hat tape). This double-sided hat-sizing tape has a form side and an adhesive side. Thus, they are very convenient and safe to use.

To reduce the size of an oversized fitted hat, consider sticking the adhesive side to the side of the hat right behind the sweatband on the inside rather than over it. The form side will stay in contact with the side of your head and keep the hat in place. As they are placed on the sweatband on the inside, it will not be visible when the fitted hat is taken off.

  • For too-tight fitted hats

Now let's discuss what to do if you end up purchasing a fitted hat that is too tight. Fitted hats are made with many different materials and do not come with adjustable snaps and straps. So, if your fitted hat is made with cotton and has no embellishments (standard fitted hat or fitted baseball cap), consider exposing it to heat to shrink the size and get the right fit of a fitted hat.

Warm your washer at a high temperature. Choose a level higher than suggested by the manufacturer for this. Then, wash your too-tight fitted hat in hot water only once. After taking out the hat from the washer, wear it and allow it to air-dry in this way. This will ensure your fitted hat dries with the right tightness for that perfect fit.

How should a fitted hat fit: Measuring your head

Getting the right fit of a fitted hat is a straightforward process once you know the size to purchase. Fitted hats are available in different sizes and you have to choose as per your head's circumference. Here are the steps to measure your head for finding the perfect size:

  • Wrap a measuring tape around your head just above your ears to measure the circumference of your head

  • Measure from the back of your head to the middle of your forehead

  • Get the measurement in a straight line to compare with the size chart provided by the manufacturer

To Conclude

Now, that you know how should a fitted hat fit, why are you still here? Use the information mentioned above and start shopping for a fitted hat for you that will fit you perfectly.

May 28, 2023 — Bryan

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