Are you wondering what the best  best women's winter hats might be? Your choice of winter hat can involve many factors. Hats are a necessity in the winter; to keep your head warm, and protect you from the elements, but they can also make a fashion statement.

Choosing a Warm Fabric

Keeping your head warm will be a major factor in choosing your next winter hat. Some women tolerate the cold weather better than others; so while you may prefer a snug merino wool or cashmere beanie, your BFF may prefer a lighter hat. Some women enjoy the comfort of a faux fur or sheepskin lining.

Check for the Best Fit

You'll want to be sure your winter hat fits well enough to bring you the desired warmth, but also fits loosely enough so it doesn't bind your head or ears too tightly. You might try a few different hat styles before buying; so you'll choose the best winter hat for you.

Color Your World

When you choose a new winter hat, you'll want it to complement the color and style of your winter coat. If your winter coat is a neutral color, why not spice up your fashion statement with a hat that's a bright color? Think how stylish you'll look; with a crimson red or royal blue slouch beanie? Instead, you might choose a bright printed or plaid hat to keep your head warm.

Types of Women's Winter Hats

1 Beanies

Beanies resemble an upside-down bowl, and they snugly cover your head. You can find a beanie-style winter hat in many fabrics and colors. Some have jaunty pom poms on each side; some have just one yarn topknot on their tops. Still other beanies have side flaps, to warm your ears. No matter how they're styled, beanies have always been one of the best women's winter hats.

2 Beret

Beret hats are slim and brimless, and they cover the top of your head. Although they don't cover your ears like a beanie, the jaunty French style of these winter hats is a favorite. When the winter weather gets rough, you can pair your stylish beret with a warm wooly scarf.

When you choose a beret, you can have fun wearing it at different angles on your head. An added bonus of berets is that they can be worn all year ??round, because this style is very adaptable.

3 Wool Fedora

These tall, elegant hats combine a wide, stylish brim with a tall center column that has a signature center crease. You can wear these hats with a swagger, and its style will fit almost any occasion. Their brims are wide enough to protect you from the winter winds.

Fedoras look a bit like cowboy hats, but their elegant style takes these hats up a notch.

4 Aviator Hats

These warm, floppy hats cover your head and ears with soft fur or fabric. Some people call also these "trapper hats."

If you're committed to cruelty-free fabrics, the faux fur varieties of these hats will give equal warmth and style.

Although you might think the ear flaps of this hat may make you look a bit mannish, aviator hats give you the maximum coverage for your ears. You can also opt to tie the ear flaps back. The furry feel of their fabrics is an additional comfort.

Ball Cap

You may not think of ball caps as one of the best women's winter hats, but you can find ball caps made with cold-weather fabrics like cashmere, wool blends or crushed velvet. These hats come with various strap styles, and are also available in solid patterns or with sports team names. Ball caps are perfect to pair with the popular new puffer jackets.

Choose Your Hat By Your Face Shape

Believe it or not, the way your winter hat looks when you wear it has a lot to do with your face shape.

Here are the most common face shapes; and the most complementary hat styles for each shape:

Oval Faces - Beanie hats flatter these faces perfectly

Heart-Shaped Faces - These faces can be completed by any hat style 

Round Faces - A sporty ball cap is often the most popular hat choice for this face type.

Rectangular Faces These facts are transformed with a stylish Fedora hat.

You can use these guidelines to choose your next winter hat, or make up some guidelines of your own. A winter hat is both a necessity and a style choice. In the end, the best women's winter hats are the ones their owners love to wear.

May 23, 2023 — Bryan

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