Hats are known to pick up body soil, sweat, and dirt just like any other piece of clothing and you need to know how to clean a hat so that it can be in excellent condition. But hats are extremely difficult to clean as you need to take proper care while cleaning so that the hat brim does not get damaged.

The design and construction of the hat allow a lot of stains and dirt to build up on the different areas of the hat. Since, most of the hats are made with cardboard inserted in their brim, submerging these hats inside the water will ruin this cardboard. On the other hand, hats made with plastic inserts are safe for washing and they can also bend easily without any effect on the brim or shape of the hat. When planning to wash a hat, you should always go through the care label as it will help you know the right way of washing the hat.

Reasons why you need to wash hats regularly

Hats are extremely important summertime clothing that you will need for protecting your head from powerful summer sunshine. Upon the arrival of summer, you need to keep your hat in good condition so that you can wear hats with t-shirts and pants. Cleaning your favorite hat does not mean that can clean the hat in the washing machine because it will damage the hat brim. You should be careful while cleaning the hat so that every trace of oil, dirt, smell, and grime will be eliminated from the hat. Always resist the urge of washing the hat with other clothes because an intense wash cycle will run the brim and it will also break the hardware found at the back of the hat.

Hat Brush

How to clean a hat- important tips to follow

Opt for handwashing- it is important that you know how to clean a hat because involves a lot of effort and you also need to be careful so that the shape of the hat does not get damaged. Handwashing is the preferred way of cleaning as compared to machine washing and for this, you should soak the hat in water and clean it gently with your hands and brush.

Consider the fabrics- each hat is made from different kinds of fabrics and it has a different design and construction. Hence, you need to consider the fabric before choosing the hat cleaning method that is appropriate for your hat. If the fabric is strong and durable, then a washing machine can be done. But pay attention to how to clean hats so that you will not damage the hat during the cleaning process.

Choose the right drying method- while each type of hat has a different cleaning method, it also has a different drying method that you need to follow. If the hat has cardboard or paper brims, you should prefer the hat to be air-dried so that the brim material is not misshapen or shrink. But hats with plastic or any durable brims can easily be dried in the clothes dryer so that they will remain in good condition.

Select the right hat cleaning supplies- cleaning a hat is the best way of removing all kinds of stains, dirt, and dust and for this, you will need the best quality cleaning supplies like scrubbers and removers. When the hat is made up of cotton, hemp fabrics, and polyester, you need to choose microfiber rags or soft bristle brushes. But for a durable hat, you can use stiffer dry brushes so that they will work efficiently for cleaning the hat. You have the option of choosing a laundry detergent or liquid soap for cleaning purposes so that it will clean every area of the hat and knowing how to clean a hat is also crucial to get the best outcome. 

Avoid using too hot water- hat cleaning can be done by using warm water but avoid using too hot water because it will distort the brim of the hat. You can fill the sink with warm water and add a good quality laundry detergent for thoroughly cleaning the hat. Make sure that you don't use a detergent that contains bleach because it will damage the color of the hat. You can gently wash the hat with your hands for cleaning it thoroughly and don't choose machine washing for hat cleaning.

July 05, 2023 — Bryan

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