Buying a cowboy hat is one of the most important investments that last for a lifetime but for that, you will need to know how to store cowboy hats. You should know the right way to store and care for the hat so that it will remain in perfect shape and condition until you use the hat again next year.

A cowboy hat is the most popular accessory that defines your personality and style. While being a stylish accessory, these hats also offer protection from different weather conditions. Cowboy hats are important for adventurous journeys and long rides so that you will not suffer from extreme weather conditions. After wearing the hat, you should store cowboy hats properly but you should make sure to know the tips for storing cowboy hats according to their material, shape, and size.

Tips to store cowboy hat

Before you store the cowboy hat, you need to flip this hat upside down so that you will store it on the crown instead of the brim.

It is advisable not to store cowboy hats on the brim as it will damage the original shape of the hat.

Always avoid keeping the hat in direct sunlight or dust because it is extremely harmful to the hat making it discolored and damaged easily.

If you plan to use the cowboy hat as a decorative item, choose a shelf that has depth for accommodating the hat because any crease on the brim will change its original shape.

If you are hanging the hat, keep it upright so that the brim does not get damaged and you can continue using the hat for many years to come.

Importance of storing cowboy hats properly

Cowboy hats are known to hold a special place in the heart of the wearer because it is a perfect reflection of style and elegance. But if you want to preserve this hat, you should store it in a proper manner so that you can make a fashion statement every time you wear the hat.

This iconic hat should be stored carefully so that it is protected from every kind of dust, dirt, stain, or grime. Whether you want to wear the hat all day or on any special occasion, it is important that you let the hat breathe. It should be stored carefully on a post or coat rack so that the brim of the hat does not get damaged. The hat should get ample support from its inside so that you will continue wearing the hat for a long span of time.


Tips for long term storage of cowboy hat

When you want to keep away the hat after use in winter, you should keep the hat inside the original box for maintaining its shape. Using a cowboy hat liner is a good way to maintain its shape so that it does not get damaged easily. Before storing cowboy hats away, it is advisable to brush them gently with the brim brush. It will remove the lint, dust, and dirt from the hat before you keep it away the hat so that it does not damage the cowboy hat in the long run. For maintaining your leather cowboy hat, you should wipe it with a gentle cleaner for removing dust and dirt.

How to Store cowboy hats- Things to avoid

If you want to store your cowboy hat for the next winter, make sure that you don't store it with the brim down. This will flatten the hat brim and eventually, it will lose its actual shape over a period of time. Always store the hat in a cool place because too much heat or humidity will damage the hat and you will no longer be able to wear the hat again if you don't store it properly. If you have washed the hat or if it is wet because of snow, rain, or sweat, you should dry the hat completely before storing it away. Avoid using a dryer to accelerate the drying process because the excessive heat will damage your cowboy hat. You can store wool cowboy hat inside a plastic bag or box but hats made of natural materials need air for making sure that it does not get damaged easily.

Knowing how to store cowboy hats is the key to keeping them in excellent condition so that it does not lose their shape, design, or function. Take proper care of the hat and maintain it regularly so that it will offer you the best protection from every weather element. Cowboy hats add a unique style and charm to your look but make sure that it remains in proper care so that you will continue to use the hat for a long time.

July 04, 2023 — Bryan

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