Fedora hats for men are timeless silhouettes designed to make you stand out from the crowd. When worn appropriately, you can be sure to turn heads on a night out with friends. This post will teach you how to make a fashion statement with a fedora hat.

Tips to wear fedora hats for men

Match your style

Fedoras are made of materials like straw, wool, fur, etc. No matter your style, you can find a hat that suits your preference, from a classic pork pie hat to a fedora with a smaller brim.

If you want to wear your fedora for dinner, pair it with slacks and a tight-fitting sweater. You can avoid straw fedoras in the warm season. Since fedora hats for men work well with jackets, you may want to consider the following:

  • A blazer
  • Suit jacket
  • Sports coat
  • An overcoat

If you pair your fedora with jeans, try to add a patterned bottom-down shirt to pop up the color. You can also pair your fedora with collar bars, vests, double-breasted suits, and leather gloves for a vintage look.


Your fedora should fit

Whether you have a small or big head, you should look for a hat that makes you comfortable. Your fedora should not be too tight on your head. Likewise, make sure it doesn't fall off your head. If you don't know your exact size, place a measuring tape 1/8" above the ears. Your local hat store can also determine the right size for you.

Another way to test if your fedora is the right size is by placing a finger between the hat and your head.

Choose your material and colors carefully

Unless you plan to ensemble a boardwalk empire costume, avoid the gangster look. Stay away from chalk or pinstripe suits.

To ensure you wear your fedora more often, stick to classic menswear colors. Avoid black and white and any bright color. Instead, choose navy, gray, or shades of brown.

When choosing a material, you want to stick to something that will stand the test time. Choose natural materials like wool or fur - they hold longer than synthetic materials.

Consider the environment

Where do you plan to wear your fedora? If you're attending a formal event, choose the flat style. However, you should ensure the brim is perpendicular to the floor. For informal events, the brim can be turned upward. A slight incline is enough - don't overdo it.

Time and season matter

Most folks wear their fedora outdoors. That said, you should know how to wear them during the day and night. On a sunny day, the brim should be slightly inclined to protect your eyes. If you're fashion-conscious, a flat brim works best as the sun goes down.

One thing that makes Fedora hats for men unique is that you can wear them year-round. However, a woolen fedora can trap heat, making you uncomfortable in the sweltering summer months. In the hot season, a felt fedora can be the perfect fit.

What accessories do you want to wear?

Accessories can set the tone for your entire look. For instance, sunglasses can be the perfect combo for your hat. To ensure your fedora doesn't cover your entire face, the brim should be perpendicular to the ground. If you want to make a strong fashion statement, you should limit your accessories. The best way to enhance your look is to look for a fedora with a decorative bow.

Consider the length of your hair

Unlike other hats, fedoras work well for short and long hair. If you want to accentuate your hairstyle, the brim of your hat should be perpendicular to the ground. But again, if certain areas have no hair, ensure your fedora covers the scalp. If you're looking for a more casual look, you can wear the hat loosely on top of your hair.

Check the brim when choosing fedora hats for men

If you want the perfect fit, don't be afraid to play with the brim size.

Short brim

Although it's often mistaken for trilbies, a short brim is less than two inches. If you have a big head, you may want to avoid a hat with a short brim.

Wide brim

While a big brim will protect you against harmful UV rays, these hats are not the best for men with small heads. Similarly, if you have a round face, a wide brim can make your head look elongated. Many designers won't recommend wide-brim fedoras to folks with thin or egg-shaped faces. But since fedoras have soft brims, you can adjust them to suit your taste and preferences.

July 25, 2023 — Bryan

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