Measuring a hat size for men is very important for styling and fitting. Hats are meant to enhance your face, and most importantly, if matched with a good outfit, they can complement your whole look perfectly. Most men go to shops to purchase hats without knowing their hat size measure. This can make you get the wrong measurement, and you buy a hat that you will forever store in your closet because you can't wear it.

The fact that hat brands are different and sometimes come in very different designs is the same reason why you need to determine your correct hat size as a man. If you have no idea how to measure your hat size, we will guide you on how to measure men’s hat size.

Which are the different hat sizes for men?

In general, hat sizes come in 5 different sizes: small, medium, large, size 2x, and size 3x. Men's hats usually come in sizes small to XL. These mainly range from size 6-8 in number. Most manufacturers typically have a measuring chart on their website so as not to get the wrong size because different brands can fit differently on your head, but the difference is very small.

Sometimes you might encounter the statement "one size fits most" when purchasing a cap. This statement means that the hats have been designed to fit individuals of all sizes perfectly. Therefore, they do not have any size or numerical specifications. In this case, consider getting an adjustable hat of the same design with an elastic band.

Steps on how to measure for hat size for a man.

How to tell hat size? Measuring a hat size for a man is quite easy. You only need a tape measure for correct measurements. To measure hat size for a man, follow these few steps.

  • Using the tape measure, wrap it around your head and above your ears and leave an inch for accurate measurement. Remove the tape measure by marking with your finger where the tape measure has reached your head. This measurement will be the circumference of your head.
  • Once you have obtained the circumference of your head measurement in cms, go to the chart size of the brand you want and check where your head size falls in the different hat sizes.
  • If the hat you want does not have the chart size, you can measure the hat's circumference using a tape measure to confirm that it is your right size.
  • Different brands have different hat sizes. Therefore, you must get the right measurement of your head to compare to the other chart sizes.

Tips on how to measure for hat size for a man.

Size up or down.

Sometimes after you have measured your head size and go to compare it to the chart hat size, you will realize that the measurements of the head size are between two different numbers. In this case, you should go for the higher value since the size down might be too small for you to fit, but the size up can fit a bit better and will be more comfortable due to enough room for sweating.

Fit all sizes.

Some hats are labeled as "one size fits all." This means that the hat is designed to fit all people with the same head size. This can sometimes be misleading because people with extra big head sizes might not fit correctly in these hats. To avoid disappointment after purchase, measure the hat's circumference to confirm that it can fit.


When measuring a man's hat size, ensure that the hat you want to pick sits perfectly on your head. It should not cover your eyebrows or block your eyes but sit comfortably enough to leave enough room to rotate the hat in whichever direction you wish.

Measuring without a tape measure.

Sometimes you might go somewhere and see a beautiful hat and want to buy it. In this case, if you do not have a tape measure, you can use two fingers by placing them in the space between the hat and your head. If the finger can fit perfectly, that's the right hat size.


Measuring a man's hat size is very easy using the simple steps outlined in this article. You have to remember that different brands have different hat measurements, so don't assume that they all fit. Compare the circumference of your head to the manufacturer's chart size to get the correct hat.

May 26, 2023 — Bryan

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