Cowboy hat for women are slowly but surely becoming more popular. Traditionally men wear such hats, but these days, numerous variants are available for women as well. Before we cover why such hats are so popular, we will help you understand the shape and aesthetics of this hat.

What is a cowboy hat for women?

A cowboy hat often has a curled brim and a high top to provide proper coverage and comfort. Usually, the brim is pretty broad to shield from the sun. It can be made from a variety of materials; the classic cowboy hat is made from felt.

Why is it so popular?

This type of hat is popular among women for a variety of reasons.


1.Exudes confidence

It helps women exude confidence. Usually, this type of hat is worn to make a style statement. With the right style statement comes confidence. Not only that but no longer this hat is associated with working outdoors. Most women these days wear it while attending events and even while attending parties. Since such hats help them exude confidence, they have certainly become very popular.

2.Numerous options

Earlier, these hats were mostly made from felt. The color options available were limited as well. However, these days apart from the lighter earth colors, they are available in more feminine colors like peach, pink, and so on. Numerous color options ensure that any woman can pick different colored hats according to their attire which helps them complete their look.

3.Protection from sun

Of course, the primary purpose of a cowboy hat is to protect from the sun. Due to the wide brim, it does that pretty well. The glare resulting from direct sunlight exposure is minimized because of the same. It means that anyone looking to spend a lot of time in the sun can wear this hat to ensure their visibility and clarity aren't affected.

4.Bold look

Another reason behind the popularity of women's cowboy hats is the bold look it gives the wearer. While other accessories can be ignored or are often subtle, no one can ignore such a large hat. Therefore, any woman looking to gain attention will prefer this hat over any other.


A few decades back, cowboy hats were accessible only to the rich and famous. Designers handcrafted them. However, with the rise of machine-based manufacturing, it has changed. Mass manufacturing has reduced the cost of such hats. The rise in demand from women has further fueled manufacturing, thereby reducing the cost of such a hat. All in all, affordability is another reason why this hat has become famous among women.

Things to consider while buying a cowboy hat for women


When comparing such hats, always consider the following:


Even though felt was the original material from which these hats were made, these days, they can be made from:

  • Straw
  • Felt
  • Fabric

The hat you choose will be dependent on your personal material preference.


One needs to consider the head size and hat size. It is better to know the inner cavity's circumference to understand if it would fit. While making the purchase online, such specifications are listed.


Of course, the colors matter a lot. It's not about solid colors. Many cowboy hats come in a blend of colors, especially when checking a woman's cowboy hat. Go with a universal color so that it can be worn on any attire. That way, you won't have to buy separate hats for separate occasions.

4.Securing mechanism

Such hats often come with a string to tie beneath your chin. When the conditions are windy or if you are going to wear the hat for long hours, it is best to choose one with a proper securing mechanism; otherwise, a well-fitting hat is more than enough.


Buy cowboy hats for women from a designer, and you will end up shelling out a lot of money. The best is to buy such hats online so you can buy them at discounted prices even when buying in less quality. Buy a non-branded version, and you can save significant money. Moreover, buying them online helps you get them delivered to your doorstep, which certainly saves a lot of hassle.

Compare different women's cowboy hats on these parameters, and choosing the right one certainly becomes easy.

Next time around, if you are looking for a fashion accessory that serves a purpose and enhances your look as well, go with a woman's cowboy hat after comparing it to the parameters above.

July 24, 2023 — Bryan

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